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Handling of Accounting with Account Pro software is very easily and efficiently. Besides Account Pro software tool, all accounting application tool have erroneous entries which needs either to neutralized (canceled) or corrected by additional entries, but Account Pro software tool allows direct correction of such entries. Account Pro software tool avoids the terms 'Debit' and 'Credit' for data entry and uses sign due to this data entry much faster and easier as compared to other account tool. Nevertheless, the displays and printouts are in accordance with normal accounting terminology. In addition to the normal accounting capabilities, the program has special capabilities that allow efficient financial planning and forecasting. Monthly budgets as well as monthly forecasts can be entered for every expense and revenue account. Monthly and yearly planning reports facilitate an overview of the system as a whole. With these features, realistic forecasts of the financial result at the end of the accounting period can be made at any time. An accounting period can have a length of between two days and one year. It can start in any month and it may overlap two calendar years. The data capacities are as follows: - 2000 accounting systems - 20000 accounts per system - 200,000 (double entry) transactions per system and business year - 200 standard transactions - 200 recurring transactions - 200 currencies - 2000 cost centers/projects.

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